Democrats intimidating voters who is andy rooney dating

27-Nov-2017 21:07

The DNC accuses the RNC of “supporting and enabling the efforts of the Republican candidate for President, Donald J.

Trump, as well as his campaign and advisors, to intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.” The motion asks the judge to prohibit the RNC from allocating funds, reimbursing expenses or providing support to Trump for the “intimidation of minority voters” and his plan to have his supporters monitor polling places on election day, ostensibly to prevent voter fraud, for which no evidence has been presented.

Over the last two weeks, the Democratic and Republican parties have filed half a dozen warring complaints about poll monitoring.

Democrats allege Republicans are coordinating widespread voter-intimidation efforts.

Pennsylvania Republicans called the lawsuit “a desperate effort by the Democrats in the face of eroding support for Hillary Clinton.”Messages left Monday with Trump’s national and Ohio campaigns were not immediately returned.

In an emailed response, Stone said the lawsuit is without merit.

The lawsuit there said the state Republican Party is essentially an arm of Trump’s campaign and the campaign and its backers have been organizing “citizen journalists” and “poll watchers” to flood minority-heavy polling sites on Nov. But Arizona GOP spokesman Tim Sifert said the party is doing no such thing.

Democrats are accusing Republicans and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign of conspiring to intimidate voters in at least four states just days ahead of the election.

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